Pastor Nathan Markley

Nathan and sign

Nathan joined Big Creek in 2016 with his wife Laura, and they have two young daughters.  He is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary and of the University of Kansas (and we mostly forgive him for being a Kansas Jayhawk).  Nathan has spent years working in college ministry and in family life of mental and behavioral health, and he loves helping God’s people more deeply know and love the Lord.  In his spare time, Nathan enjoys mountain hiking, obscure board games, and hammocks.


  • Rev. Nathan Markley (Teaching Elder / Pastor)
  • Ralph Harn (Ruling Elder)
  • Jim Humphreys (Ruling Elder)
  • Susan Humphreys (Ruling Elder)
  • Danny Yochum (Ruling Elder)

In the Bible, elders (πρεσβύτερος, presbyteros) both teaching and ruling are together by God’s grace particularly called to watch over and care for the spiritual health of the congregation.


  • Ann Foreman
  • Gary Foreman
  • Matt Foreman
  • Stephen Glascock
  • Danny Hulse
  • Janet Taylor

In the Bible, deacons (διάκονος, diakonos) are together by God’s grace called to service of the people, particularly in ministries of compassion and sympathy.