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Minor Prophets Schedule
Minor ProphetsMinor Prophets Timeline

Study 01: JOEL
Audio Recording
Study Page Week 01 Joel

Study 02: AMOS
Audio Recording
Study Page Week 02 Amos
YouTube Video: Gravity Hill Optical Illusion

Study 03: HOSEA
Audio Recording
Study Page Week 03 Hosea
YouTube: Pretty Woman clip
YouTube: “Hosea” song by Andrew Peterson

Study 04: JONAH
Audio Recording
Study Page Week 04 Jonah
YouTube: “Jonah and the Fish” Kids Story

Study 05: MICAH
Audio Recording
Minor Prophets 05 Micah

Study 06: NAHUM
Audio Recording
Minor Prophets 06 Nahum
YouTube: “Sennacherib’s [Assyrian] Campaign Against Hezekiah”

Audio Recording
Week 07 Habakkuk Zephaniah
YouTube: “I Will Rejoice” by Sherri Youngward

Study 08: HAGGAI
Audio Recording
Week 08 Haggai

Audio Recording
Week 09 Zechariah
YouTube: Bible Project on Zechariah

Study 10: MALACHI
Audio Recording
Week 10 Malachi

Study 11: OBADIAH
Audio Recording
Week 11 Obadiah
Minor Prophets FINAL EXAM answers
YouTube: Bible Project on Prophets

Summer 2019: SACRAMENTS

Baptism Outline Page
Week 01 Audio
Week 02 Audio

Lord’s Supper Outline Page
Week 03 Audio
Week 04 Audio
Youtube: J. I. Packer “What is the Lord’s Supper”


Week 01: Apologetics
Week 01 Study Page on Apologetics
Week 01 Audio
VIDEO: When “I Don’t Know” Is a Good Answer

Week 02: “How can you say there’s only one true faith?”
Week 02 Study Page on Exclusivity
Week 02 Audio

Week 03: “Aren’t we better off without religion?”
Week 03 Study Page on Irreligion
Week 03 Audio
VIDEO: Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (for discussion)

Week 04: “How can you take the Bible literally?”
Week 04 Study Page on Literalism
Week 04 Audio

Week 05: “Doesn’t religion cause violence?”
Week 05 Study Page on Violence
Week 05 Audio

Week 06: “Hasn’t science disproven Christianity?”
Week 06 Study Page on Science
Week 06 Audio
VIDEO: R.C. Sproul on the age of the earth
ARTICLE: USA Today Upcoming book leaves scientific possibility for existence of ‘Adam and Eve’

Week 07: “Doesn’t Christianity denigrate women?”
Week 07 Study Page on Women
Week 07 Audio

Week 08: “Isn’t Christianity homophobic?”
Week 08 Study Page on Homophobia
Week 08 Audio
VIDEO: Rebecca McLaughlin on racism and homosexuality

Week 09: “Doesn’t the Bible condone slavery?”
Week 09 Study Page on Slavery
Week 09 Audio
VIDEO: ESV Bible Translators Debate the word “slave” at Tyndale House, Cambridge

Week 10: “How could a loving God allow so much suffering?”
Week 10 Study Page on Suffering
Week 10 Audio

Week 11: “How could a loving God send people to Hell?”
Week 11 Study Page on Hell
Week 11 Audio

Week 12: The Conversation
Week 12 Study Page on Conversation
Week 12 Audio
VIDEO: Interview on Sharing Faith: Rebecca McLaughlin & Don Carson